Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Bimini Top for Your Boat

Posted on: 12 February 2018

A Bimini top is a covering for a boat that extends over the deck area, to provide shade and protection for yourself and for the boat's operating equipment. A Bimini cover can reduce the risk of a potential sunburn when you're on the open waters during hot summer days, and also reduce the amount of water and salt damage suffered by the boat's instruments and steering column. To find the right Bimini top for your boat, note a few quick tips to keep in mind before you even begin to shop, and be sure you take your time comparing your options, so you get the right covering for you and your boat.


Most frames for a Bimini top are made from steel, aluminium or plastic. Steel is very strong and may resist bending or getting dented and damaged when you drive your boat at high speeds. This can make it the best choice for speedboats, or boats that are taken out on open waters that are often rough and choppy.

However, steel can eventually rust, so you might opt for aluminium or plastic if you don't need the added strength of steel. Aluminium and plastic are also typically lighter in weight than steel, so these frames are good for boats with smaller engines, as they won't create as much drag or resistance.

Speed resistance

If you do have a speed boat, note what is called the speed resistance of the fabric of Bimini tops. Very thin and lightweight fabric may tend to shred at higher speeds, whereas a durable nylon may have a higher speed resistance, so that it won't shred, tear, sag or otherwise get damaged when you open up the boat's engine.


The colour of your Bimini top can be very important; a brightly coloured top can make your boat more visible, which can be important if you should ever get stranded on open waters. A brightly coloured Bimini top can also make you more visible to other boaters, including speedboats, skiing boats and overly large vessels. This added visibility will then reduce the risk of a collision with those other boats.

If your boat has upholstered seating inside or detailing along the hull, be sure you also pick a Bimini top that coordinates with those colours; a blue top might clash with red pinstripes or seat cushions, as an example. Opt for something that works with all those colours on the boat, for something attractive as well as functional.


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