Second-hand Firearms: Three Crucial Guidelines for Used Rifle Selection

Posted on: 1 February 2018

If you are interested in adding a rifle to your firearm collection, you should think about purchasing a second-hand gun. This choice is ideal if you would like to reduce your total costs. Also, if you are a fan of rifles which are no longer in production, you might find a perfect used gun to suit your taste. However, you should remember that second-hand guns have been in the hands of other users. Therefore, you must be careful not to acquire a firearm in poor condition. Here are some practical tips to help you choose a good used rifle.

Check the Stock for Splitting

You should decide on the type of stock that you would like for your new second-hand rifle. In general, there are synthetic and wooden stocks in the market. So, you can select the most suitable match for your needs and preferences. Regardless of your choice, you should be keen when checking the condition of the stock. You should make sure that the stock is free from splitting or breakage. These anomalies will have an impact on the usability and value of the firearm. If you choose a wooden stock, you should make sure that the material is correctly sealed to prevent moisture damage.

Clean the Rifle Crown

You should inspect the crown of the used rifles on the market before deciding on the purchase. The crown refers to the tip or end of the muzzle. The most reliable method for examining the feature is looking straight into it. Before you take a look, you should make sure that there is no ammunition in the gun. As a precaution, you should use your fingers to confirm that the chamber is clear. Then, look into the crown and ensure that the surfaces are free of blemishes, especially pits. Ideally, the crown should be shiny. However, if there is too much oil on the firearm, you should be cautious. You should look for a cleaning rod; remove the excess grease and inspect again for flaws.

Examine the Rifling and Barrel

Finally, you should make a thorough visual assessment of the rifling and the barrel before purchasing a second-hand firearm. These features are manufactured using metal materials. Therefore, if they are stored poorly or misused, they will begin rusting. You should examine the surfaces thoroughly and make certain that there are no significant signs of corrosion. If there is little superficial rust, you can overlook it. The material can be removed with some steel wool. 

Contact a company that sells second-hand firearms for additional advice.


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