The Beauty of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Posted on: 22 January 2018

Tennis courts are always expected to look green and lush and at all times. This expectation can be hard to maintain with natural grass, especially in high-traffic courts. The sustainable solution is synthetic tennis grass courts. The synthetic grass looks natural and is appealing to the eye. These lawns are better than their natural counterparts. The synthetic tennis court grass comes with the court line fully drawn.

Benefits of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Easy to Install

Most of the manufacturers in Australia have mastered the art of making high-quality synthetic grass. Installing the grass is as easy as placing the pieces in their right place. Good-quality grass can be fitted without fraying or splitting. A majority of the manufacturers can do a professional installation for a fee.

High Performance

Synthetic grass tennis courts can handle high-traffic areas for a long time without thinning out. This makes synthetic grass suitable for commercial and domestic courts, like sports facilities, clubs, schools and at home.


Synthetic grass tennis courts can withstand any weather conditions, rainy or sunny, without being damaged. This means they can be used in any geographical area without any special requirements. Tennis players can also practice and improve their skill all year round, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic lawn requires very little maintenance. There are no costs for weeding, mowing or watering, so there is no need for a grounds man. Quality turf doesn't split or fray quickly. It may be years before you will have to replace the synthetic grass.


Synthetic grass tennis courts offer an even surface to play on. They are built with 'soft fall' technology to reduce injuries that may occur to the players. The synthetic tennis courts also have a self-drain system to ensure that the grass is less slippery.


In the long run, synthetic grass tennis courts are coast-effective. Installing a good-quality court may be expensive, but it is not compared to the long-term benefits, including the durability of the courts, low maintenance costs of the lawn and the comfort that the players enjoy playing on an even surface. Installing the synthetic grass court is worth the initial cost.

Synthetic grass tennis courts are beautiful additions to universities, sports facilities, homes and even schools. The green, natural-looking lawn adds to the beauty of its surroundings. With low maintenance costs and easy installation, they are a good looking and durable grass alternative option.


Bring Sports Into the Home

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