Recreational Sailing: What Makes Catamarans A Superior Choice Over Monohulls?

Posted on: 19 December 2016

If sailing is one of your favourite pastimes, there's no better way to enjoy it than with your own boat. With a wide selection of sailboats currently being sold on the market, making the best pick can be challenging, especially if you are not a well-informed boat buyer. If you love sailing but you are confused about what type of boat to purchase for your recreational sailing, here are a number of good reasons as to why you should consider getting yourself a catamaran.

Advanced level of offshore safety

One thing that every sailing enthusiast wants to be assured of when they are on the water is their safety. The water vessel that they are riding on should be built to guarantee the safety of all persons on board: should anything go wrong, it should not be because of a safety-related deficiency in the design of the vessel. For that reason, you will be happy to know that a catamaran is practically built unsinkable. Because of its cored-sandwich construction, this water vessel offers a level of on-the-water safety that monohulls cannot equal with their ballasted keels. What is more, the bulkheads in catamarans are more watertight as compared to those in monohulls. Therefore, you are assured of an extra level of safety when you are out sailing.

Ideal for fast rides

If great speeds give you that adrenaline rush you love so much when you are offshore, a catamaran would be an opportune purchase. Most cruising catamarans are generally much faster than monohulls, and depending upon their inclination, catamarans can move at speeds up to half that of the wind. Therefore, if you don't mind a little water hitting you in the face as you travel at great speeds, catamarans are an ideal choice for you. These double-hulled sailboats generally offer greater average speeds than monohulls.

More interior space

The two separate hulls in catamarans come with separate cabins, which makes them roomier than a comparable monohull. The cabins are typically found in the corners of the catamaran where the bulkheads are, and they are separate from the central living areas. What this means is that more occupants of the boat can find a corner where they can sit back and relax.

Better manoeuvrability

With their double-engine mechanical operation, catamarans are remarkably navigable even on relatively small waterways. Having the twin propellers of the engine positioned a safe working distance apart makes cruising around tight spaces a pure delight. The shallow shaft of catamarans allows for more anchoring options, making it possible for the sailor to reach places monohulls cannot.

To keep your catamaran in tiptop condition so you can continue enjoying the above-highlighted benefits, make sure to employ the services of a reputable marine vessel service company. This way, your water vessel will get the right maintenance attention and repair service.


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